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How to not remove limescale

posted 26 Mar 2015, 13:03 by Cleaning Spotless4Less   [ updated 5 Feb 2016, 22:54 ]
    No, it's not a misspell.. 
    Every single domestic cleaning website is full of advice on how to remove limescale so we wanted to show you what works against limescale and what doesn't. 
    So far so good... nobody likes limescale so it would be great to get rid of it... but most of this advice is circling around white vinegar and lemon juice. So much so that we decided to put them to test, to see how they perform against professional limescale removers. And guess what...? 
    Neither the lemon juice nor the vinegar have even scratched the surface of the limescale...if anything, I would say they made the stain a bit brighter - hence the title "how to not remove limescale"
how to remove limescale from taps in Hampshire

For this experiment we have found a very dirty looking tap with its base covered by a thick layer of limescale . 
We didn't have to look very far to find it, as limescale is a common occurrence in Hampshire - a hard water area...

- So, this is the tap we experimented on.
how to remove limescale

We tried to remove the limescale, first using a solution of lemon juice but didn't get any noticeable results...We then used the white vinegar mixture.
We have applied the solutions generously, let them do their magic for at least half an hour each, rubbed and scrubbed for ages...frustrated we even used a bit of cream cleaner and this is the end result :

OK, it did make a bit of a difference but I wouldn't call it clean just yet... So we thought it's time to bring in the professional limescale removers...
Five minutes later, the tap looked like this :
how to remove bathroom limescale

So we concluded that while the vinegar and lemon juice might help cleaning easy, small limescale deposits, when it comes to stubborn stains nothing will get rid of them like the professional limescale removers.