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DIY vs Professional Carpet cleaning

posted 26 Mar 2015, 12:42 by Cleaning Spotless4Less   [ updated 5 Feb 2016, 23:55 ]
    Why should one book a carpet cleaning technician when they could just rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets themselves ? I come across this debate very often... After all, renting a carpet cleaner from your local supermarket only costs about £20-£25/day, right ?  
    Well, not really...because on top of renting the cleaning machine you'd also have to buy the carpet cleaning solutions to go with it. So, before you know it, you'd end up paying £50-£60 for a diy carpet clean...which, depending on the size of your house is not far from what a professional carpet cleaner would actually charge for doing the whole property. See our carpet cleaning prices and judge for yourself.

    But the cost is not everything.

    Let's have a look at the leading rental business for carpet cleaning machines - rug doctor. I like the name and branding. Calling it Rug Doctor PRO is very clever as it gives the impression that it's a professional carpet cleaner, when in fact it's only a domestic appliance, not even close to the performance of a professional cleaning machine. I'll explain why in a minute. 
    Also, despite the name, the "rug doctor"  has nothing to do with rugs. Nope, it is intended for cleaning carpets only, so do not be fooled by the name and try it on a rug, it will ruin it. 
The Rug Doctor company itself advises likewise on their website: "do not use or place the Rug Doctor machine or cleaning products on: natural fiber oriental rugs (silk or wool), hand-loomed wool rugs, braided rugs, sisal or jute carpets".
    I've mentioned earlier that the rental rug doctor performance is not even close to a professional carpet cleaning machine. Here is why:

1.Lack of pressure
135 psi is the minimum considered acceptable within the carpet cleaning industry; the rental rug doctor has 28 psi ! yes, 28 ! that's not even close to a minimum 135, never mind to 300 psi that most carpet cleaners use. OK, these are just numbers that might mean nothing to you. What they actually mean is that instead of blasting the carpet to dislodge the dirt and mud from fibers, the rug doctor basically chucks a bucket of water on your carpet. OK, I exaggerated a bit, but you get the idea... 

2. lack of hot water
most professional carpet cleaning machines have a water heating system, cleaning the carpets with high temperature hot water (in HWE carpet cleaning process and also carpet steam cleaning). Rug doctor cleaners do not heat the water up. They just use tap water....

3. no carpet cleaning wand
at a first glance not having a wand doesn't seem to be a problem ...after all the rental cleaning machines are easier to use and don't need one , right ? 
well... wrong. By design, the rug doctor doesn't clean right from the edge of the carpet, because of where the sprayer is positioned. So in order to reach right up to the carpet corners and edges (which are usually the dirtiest) you'd have to use the hand tool.. so basically to clean all along the skirting boards on your hands and knees. No, I don't remember seeing that in their adverts either...

4. small recovery tank 
the rental rug doctor has a solution and recovery tank capacity of less than 10 l. Cleaning even a small carpet with a rented rug doctor would take several tank refills so you'd have to run back and forth emptying the waste tank and refilling it soo many times !

5. poor suction
a carpet cleaning machine with powerful suction is required to suck back all the water sprayed into the carpet. Leaving dirty water into the pile is not carpet cleaning ! Leaving detergent residues behind will attract dust more quickly and your carpet will get dirty faster.. It also slows down the drying process, which might not only ruin the carpet, but also if it remains damp for 12 hours or more, the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria becomes a harmful possibility.
    A professional carpet cleaning machine will suck back a lot more water, leaving the carpet clean with no residues and reducing the drying times. 
    We use powerful air movers to dry the carpets even faster, giving you the use of the floor shortly after the clean.