How to dry a wet carpet

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    Whether your house has been flooded, a pipe burst or your carpet cleaner has left the carpets soaking wet there are a few steps one should take to get the carpets dry as soon as possible.
    First of all you need to check if there is water in the padding under the carpet. Carefully lift up a carpet corner and see if its damp. If that's the case you should use an air blower / air mover / snail carpet drier to blow air under the carpet or if that is not available call a specialist.
   If the water has not gone through into the backing it's good news ! There are many ways of getting the carpets dry faster.
    First of all remove any excess water by using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Extract as much moisture as possible  (do not use a normal dry vacuum cleaner on a wet surface as it will damage the hoover).
    Secondly, use an air blower if you have one. If you don't have one, you can use a domestic cooling fan pointed at the carpet, a ceiling fan or anything else that would help air circulation in the room.
    Open all windows to create draft and set the temperature high in the room.
    Use a dehumidifier, this will also help to extract moisture.
    If the carpet remains wet for too long there is a risk it will shrink, turn brown, buckle, or the worst case scenario -  mould and mildew appearance.
    If still unsure or unable to deal with a wet carpet, the best thing to do is to call a professional carpet cleaner, they will know exactly how to save your carpet as every carpet cleaning technician uses (or should use) a powerful air mover to get any carpet dry quickly.
    We use the latest model of downforce whole room drier which can get a wet carpet dry in as little as 15 minutes ! 



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Cleaning Spotless4Less

    What others say about us :

These are real reviews, received via email from our customers. We have saved and archived these emails so we can always prove this is genuine feedback provided by people who've used our services: 

  •   "Thank you so much for doing an amazing job" - Kate S, Warnford, Southampton, Hampshire - 31.03.2015

  •     "Hello Gabriel, many thanks for such a brilliant job today. The property looks fantastic ! I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family. - Jordan and Alyssa", Winchester, Hampshire - 21.04.2015

  •     "I decided to go with Cleaning Spotless4Less for my end of tenancy clean as they provided all the services I needed; responded promptly and politely to my enquiries, and were very competitively priced. I was not disappointed. Gabriel was slightly delayed on account of a blown tyre but kept me fully updated with his progress and was very apologetic. The clean was very thorough and the service friendly and professional. It says it all that I got back the full deposit and the end of tenancy report stated that the carpets have been "cleaned to an extremely high professional standard". I would not hesitate to recommend Gabriel and his team. Reviewed by Katie from Winchester- 16.06.2015

  • "Thank you Gabriel, the cottage looks lovely" - Tracy C, Brown Candover, Hampshire - 28.01.2016

  • "Fantastic service. Prompt to come to the rescue of my carpet after an accident with my dog! Cleaned a patch in the bedroom and also our drawing room carpet which had months of dogs and toddler traffic and it looks like new.Super friendly, polite and did a brilliant job. Good value too. I'll definitely be using them again. Thank you." Kim R, Swarraton, Hampshire - 02.02.2016

  • "You did an amazing job. I checked my tenancy agreement and the carpet stains you managed to remove the previous cleaner couldn't get out. Thank you !! Great Job " - Kathy A, Medstead, Hampshire - 17.02.2016

How to start a cleaning company

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    Are you thinking of starting your own cleaning company
This could be one of the most important decisions you'll make. Quite a few years back we were in the same position, contemplating the idea of having our own company, a domestic cleaning company.
It is probably one of the most easiest businesses to start but in the same time difficult  to run successfully.
You don't need a large budget to start a house cleaning company. In fact, you can do it with less than £100.
    The first step is to find a name for your company: it could be something personal like "Laura's cleaning"  or something cleaning related like "Winchester Maids" or simply "Hampshire cleaning", or just a generic name like "Sunny" .
    Once you've decided what to call your company you'll need to check that the name is available (it can't be identical with the name of another company or trademark ). You can do this with a simple search on the Companies House website.
For your company formation you can use services like Made Simple who, for a small fee (less than £50 I think) will do everything for you in a couple of hours. Yes, a few hours later you'll be the proud owner of a legal entity - your own business.
This part was the easy one... Now I'd like to make a suggestion related to the business name, before looking into more complicated things like how to get your first clients.
When you chose your trading name bear in mind it should be SEO friendly. This is not vital, but it can enormously help your online presence (or not). 
For example I would choose the name "Sunny cleaning"  rather than just "Sunny" . Everybody will know what your company does straight away, and more importantly, Google and other search engines will know what you do and will rank your website better for your main keyword "cleaning".

Now that you have a cleaning company, you need to let everybody know about it, in other words to advertise.
There are many ways of doing this :

Offline advertising
    - Friends and family : let everybody know you are ready to do some cleaning. They might need a regular helper or maybe just a hand with a spring clean. Even if not, they might know somebody who does.
    - Neighbours - just as with friends and need to let them know...everybody is a potential customer
    - The corner shop - many of them have a board for business cards and adverts...take advantage of it
    - Fliers posted through the door - another great way to advertise offline
    - The local newspaper
     - Car stickers, etc
    - word to mouth - ask everybody you know to spread the word, especially your existing clients. If they are happy with your cleaning services - and they must be ! - they will recommend you to their friends and neighbours     If you want to build a successful business your main priority is to do a great job every time and to make sure your clients are happy with your services ...I can't stress enough how important this is ! 

Online advertising
    The online advertising is a bit more complex.
First of all you need to have an online presence. Its very easy to build a website nowadays, and there are many relatively cheap if not free platforms. if you don't know much about computers and websites you could ask a friend to help you. You don't need anything too fancy or complicated. Just a simple page describing you and your services would be fine to begin with.
    Google loves new and fresh content so make sure you keep your site updated and only use original content.
Now it would be a mistake to believe that once your website is ready a lot of people will find you; it can take months to get ranked by google and maybe even longer to get on the first pages.
But don't worry, there are many things you can do meanwhile to get your website more visible.
    You could start a Google Ad Words campaign for example - this would get your site on the first pages for certain keywords (like for example cleaners in Southampton, or end of tenancy cleaning in Basingstoke ) driving potential customers to your website. It is pay per click, so you will need a budget for this, but when you first register google will give you a £50-£75 (i think...but don't take my word for it) voucher to get you going. You can set a monthly or a daily budget, change it, or even pause it whenever you want. Just to get an idea... a budget of £30 will get you 20-30 visits to your website. It is not much, but considering that all these 20-30 people have searched for services like yours in your area, every single one is a potential customer.
    Another thing you could and should do is to register your website with local and specialist directories to create backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better your site will rank.
    Forums, and specifically cleaning forums are another great way to boost your online presence.

It will be a bit difficult until you get the first few clients but after that, presuming you are doing a great job it can have a snowball effect getting bigger and bigger up to the point where you'll need to get an employee on board to help you.. and the rest will be history.
    It probably sounds easy on the paper but it is hard work. It has to be ! Because it is your business and you want it to be successful and you put everything you've got into it...
    This is how we started, quite a few years ago...Over time we developed a passion for deep cleaning and more importantly carpet cleaning ..


How to not remove limescale

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    No, it's not a misspell.. 
    Every single domestic cleaning website is full of advice on how to remove limescale so we wanted to show you what works against limescale and what doesn't. 
    So far so good... nobody likes limescale so it would be great to get rid of it... but most of this advice is circling around white vinegar and lemon juice. So much so that we decided to put them to test, to see how they perform against professional limescale removers. And guess what...? 
    Neither the lemon juice nor the vinegar have even scratched the surface of the limescale...if anything, I would say they made the stain a bit brighter - hence the title "how to not remove limescale"
how to remove limescale from taps in Hampshire

For this experiment we have found a very dirty looking tap with its base covered by a thick layer of limescale . 
We didn't have to look very far to find it, as limescale is a common occurrence in Hampshire - a hard water area...

- So, this is the tap we experimented on.
how to remove limescale

We tried to remove the limescale, first using a solution of lemon juice but didn't get any noticeable results...We then used the white vinegar mixture.
We have applied the solutions generously, let them do their magic for at least half an hour each, rubbed and scrubbed for ages...frustrated we even used a bit of cream cleaner and this is the end result :

OK, it did make a bit of a difference but I wouldn't call it clean just yet... So we thought it's time to bring in the professional limescale removers...
Five minutes later, the tap looked like this :
how to remove bathroom limescale

So we concluded that while the vinegar and lemon juice might help cleaning easy, small limescale deposits, when it comes to stubborn stains nothing will get rid of them like the professional limescale removers.


DIY vs Professional Carpet cleaning

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    Why should one book a carpet cleaning technician when they could just rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets themselves ? I come across this debate very often... After all, renting a carpet cleaner from your local supermarket only costs about £20-£25/day, right ?  
    Well, not really...because on top of renting the cleaning machine you'd also have to buy the carpet cleaning solutions to go with it. So, before you know it, you'd end up paying £50-£60 for a diy carpet clean...which, depending on the size of your house is not far from what a professional carpet cleaner would actually charge for doing the whole property. See our carpet cleaning prices and judge for yourself.

    But the cost is not everything.

    Let's have a look at the leading rental business for carpet cleaning machines - rug doctor. I like the name and branding. Calling it Rug Doctor PRO is very clever as it gives the impression that it's a professional carpet cleaner, when in fact it's only a domestic appliance, not even close to the performance of a professional cleaning machine. I'll explain why in a minute. 
    Also, despite the name, the "rug doctor"  has nothing to do with rugs. Nope, it is intended for cleaning carpets only, so do not be fooled by the name and try it on a rug, it will ruin it. 
The Rug Doctor company itself advises likewise on their website: "do not use or place the Rug Doctor machine or cleaning products on: natural fiber oriental rugs (silk or wool), hand-loomed wool rugs, braided rugs, sisal or jute carpets".
    I've mentioned earlier that the rental rug doctor performance is not even close to a professional carpet cleaning machine. Here is why:

1.Lack of pressure
135 psi is the minimum considered acceptable within the carpet cleaning industry; the rental rug doctor has 28 psi ! yes, 28 ! that's not even close to a minimum 135, never mind to 300 psi that most carpet cleaners use. OK, these are just numbers that might mean nothing to you. What they actually mean is that instead of blasting the carpet to dislodge the dirt and mud from fibers, the rug doctor basically chucks a bucket of water on your carpet. OK, I exaggerated a bit, but you get the idea... 

2. lack of hot water
most professional carpet cleaning machines have a water heating system, cleaning the carpets with high temperature hot water (in HWE carpet cleaning process and also carpet steam cleaning). Rug doctor cleaners do not heat the water up. They just use tap water....

3. no carpet cleaning wand
at a first glance not having a wand doesn't seem to be a problem ...after all the rental cleaning machines are easier to use and don't need one , right ? 
well... wrong. By design, the rug doctor doesn't clean right from the edge of the carpet, because of where the sprayer is positioned. So in order to reach right up to the carpet corners and edges (which are usually the dirtiest) you'd have to use the hand tool.. so basically to clean all along the skirting boards on your hands and knees. No, I don't remember seeing that in their adverts either...

4. small recovery tank 
the rental rug doctor has a solution and recovery tank capacity of less than 10 l. Cleaning even a small carpet with a rented rug doctor would take several tank refills so you'd have to run back and forth emptying the waste tank and refilling it soo many times !

5. poor suction
a carpet cleaning machine with powerful suction is required to suck back all the water sprayed into the carpet. Leaving dirty water into the pile is not carpet cleaning ! Leaving detergent residues behind will attract dust more quickly and your carpet will get dirty faster.. It also slows down the drying process, which might not only ruin the carpet, but also if it remains damp for 12 hours or more, the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria becomes a harmful possibility.
    A professional carpet cleaning machine will suck back a lot more water, leaving the carpet clean with no residues and reducing the drying times. 
    We use powerful air movers to dry the carpets even faster, giving you the use of the floor shortly after the clean.                                     


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